Howdy-do! The name is Nick Bucci. If you haven’t read the bio: I am a teacher, writer, and photographer. You should also know that I enjoy the Oxford Comma. I’m not really sure what the purpose of the blog will be other than quenching my desire to write. If I create a commitment, I have to follow through, eh? What will the writing be about? Great question. Perhaps I’ll write about whatever floats along the river of my mind. Current events, my reactions, random ramblings, or a short piece of fiction or non-fiction. Regardless, I’ll be writing.

And that’s the point, I believe.

As far as formatting goes, I currently felt like including some of my pieces from college that I felt confident in. The main blog will include anything I write. Of course, comments and constructive feedback are welcome. Disrespect and hate speech – not so much.

I am here to write. This site serves as a platform to better my writing habits. However, if a reader or two would like to provide for my photography and writing passions, feel free.

Published by Nick Bucci

Videographer. Photographer. Writer.

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