First Landings

Prompt: Write from the perspective of an alien entity that has no experience with or context of earth. From: 250 Writing Prompts by You Can Write It.

In the year of your first moon landing, I found myself hurtling through space in an escape pod. I came from a different galaxy at war with itself. Many of your nations have been embroiled by civil war; imagine that on the scale of inter galactic civil war. Planetary governments were dispersing from the Council, citing distrust in the Council’s leadership. My planet was facing sure destruction. As captain of the last shuttle off the planet, I led my people to a remote space station. There was a power struggle and mutiny. Rather than be killed by treasonous fools, I left.

And my escape led me to your earth. My escape pod buried itself into the fertile rocky soil of the North Eastern United States. To me, it was just land and darkness when I slammed into the ground. There were tall organic structures reaching all around me. At first, I thought it was an army and I was surrounded. When these creatures did not move, I ran. I ran through them. There were hundreds!

That’s when I found myself on the cold, black surface. It was hard and unkind to my feet. I noticed this was a path, made by another creature. Travelling fast down this path was a vehicle of some sort, unlike any I had seen. Two creatures were in the front. They saw me and their vehicle slowed. I ran.

I hid inside one of the tall organic’s belly. Until I knew their names, I decided to call them Talls. It was cold that night and my shivering kept me awake for the majority of the darkness and I was unable to rest. I don’t sleep like you humans, but I rest when stationary and my brain is inactive for minutes before re-activating. You would call it meditation.

The sun rose and I heard speaking. A four legged creature appeared in front of the belly of the Tall. It yelled at me or the Tall. Then its jaws reached for my feet. I kicked it and leaped to the next Tall. They did not seem to mind my climbing them. The four legged animal gave chase, but could not reach me in the Talls. I saw figures, much like the two in the vehicle further beyond this animal. They were speaking in a different tongue, but yelling most certainly.

I misjudged the distance to a Tall and fell. The four legged animal charged me. I had nothing to defend myself. I stood up and yelled at it: Go away!

It didn’t hear me and jumped upon me. Its weight was huge and I crumbled. But instead of biting me, it licked. A strange action. I thought it was poisonous. I threw it off of me and tried to run. Something loud snapped behind me and I felt a great pain in my back. Something hot rubbed against my breathing apparatus. I had been shot?

My captors were those organics from the vehicle. A large group of them circled around me. I was ready to be eaten alive. But one of them pushed the others back. Was he the leader? They brought me here. So, where am I?

Published by Nick Bucci

Videographer. Photographer. Writer.

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