May 13, 2021

Background information relevant to this post:
  • I teach high school level Video Production.

I had a tough day teaching. I have been for a while, wondering if I’ve lost my mojo. I attempted starting the day with positivity. I wanted to have a great day. But I have put myself in a pickle, allowing students to work on their choice video project. My three classes were nearly completely silent, in person and remote students. One kid tried connecting with me. We talked briefly about the incompetencies of the Chromebook. Especially when it comes to video production.

Most of my day was spent cleaning up my Nick Bucci Tutoring website (update 10/19/21: I’ve decided to follow my passion for videography. So that’s a dead site. Sorry) and this blog site, watching videos on Tin Type photography and personal development. After pulling myself out of several YouTube wormholes, I graded. I wouldn’t even say I taught. It felt like I wasted the day. I spent 8 hours of my life amounting to nothing.

It wasn’t until I got to my girlfriend’s house that I felt like the day had begun. I’ve decided to invest more time in writing. I enjoy it and it makes me feel satisfied. I decided to journal. And here I am, listening to the birds chirp outside and the cats chirp inside. I am hoping to re-balance where I spend my time. Less “working” and more on things I enjoy. It’s a matter of building profitable hobbies. I like the idea of passive incomes (making money work for you); it’s just a matter of motivation, which I’m lacking lately.

  • More camping
  • Less complaining about my situation
  • More writing
  • Less worrying about money
  • More film photography
  • Less faking emotions

Time for suppah!

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