Goals for the future

There is a lot happening in my world right now. I’ve been caught up in changes that I haven’t been able to keep up with the usual daily routines: weeding, writing, researching random things. Between selling my house, moving in with girlfriend and her family, and leaving teaching, I’ve been busy.

Anna, my girlfriend, and I have been discussing what we’ll do in the future. Do we stay in this house she recently moved into or buy a newer one with land? We are leaning towards the second option. Do we find brick and mortar jobs or run our own businesses? The latter is an easy choice, but I certainly will miss the solid benefits teaching offers.

We have been contemplating buying some land and beginning a homestead. I love the idea of self-sufficiency. It would be nice to limit how much we rely on outside resources. That doesn’t mean become recluses, but create better relationships with nature.

There has been change and there will continue to be change. I am looking forward to settling into a routine though and making time for writing again, photography, and some money making…whatever that looks like.

  1. Buy some land.
  2. During winter, plan a layout of the gardens and various pens and structures for future livestock.
  3. Open up a bed and breakfast or cabin retreat.
  4. Add livestock.
  5. Document the experience.

Sorry for the short post. Anyone have homesteading experience and willing to offer tips? 🙂

Published by Nick Bucci

Videographer. Photographer. Writer.

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