Big News

I’ve decided to begin listening to my soul when it comes to doing what I want. Did I love teaching? Yes. But teaching in the classroom felt like a small percentage of what I did. There was also meetings, certifications, tons of emails, and behind the scenes stuff. So, over the summer, I’ve been a historical interpreter at Old Fort Western and tried out being a talent agent intern. I’ve re-started a blog (trying to stay active during this busy period I’m in). I have researched various jobs and even applied to several like Giphy and Newsela. It dawned on me that what I want to do is start my own business. And I wanted…no, needed it to bring me 100% pleasure.

What brings Nick 100% pleasure? Camping, family time, reading, the mountains… What brings me 100% pleasure that I feel comfortable starting a business with? Video! I loved teaching it and I am so excited to start my own video production company. Bucci Productions will be offering real estate, home inspection, and wedding services. On the side, I’ll finally get into making some shorts, me thinks.

What are some other services I can offer? Commercials, documentaries, interviews?

Where should I host my portfolio? Square, WordPress, elsewhere?

What should my logo look like?

Many questions to be answered, but I am jumping in!

I’m wicked excited to begin this new adventure. I’ve appreciated the support of my family, friends, and wickedly beautiful-and-talented girlfriend. Looking forward to telling the stories of local businesses and soon-to-be newly weds.

If you know of any up and coming weddings, I’m looking to start this journey soon! And the first wedding gig will be at a considerably discounted rate.

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Videographer. Photographer. Writer.

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