Dialogue Only

“Tom, did you seriously go behind my back and host another party?”

“Listen, Eric, I did it for you.”

“You did it for me? That’s funny. Ha!”

“Why are you being such a dick about it, man?”

“Because this time we got busted. We aren’t supposed to get busted, just fit in more.”

“I’m sorry, Eric. I really wanted it to be more smooth, but twice as many people showed up. It was too much for me.”

“Okay. I’m sorry for being a dick, Tom. I appreciate what you did. Now, how can we fix this?”

“I’m not sure there’s much we can do with the cops. I admitted it was me and me alone. They should leave you alone.”

“But what about you?”

“I admitted to hosting a small gathering that got out of hand. That’s not a crime.”

“There was underage drinking, drug use, and someone almost lost their leg.”

“All beyond my control, Eric.”

“I hope everyone’s okay. I bet they’ll want another one to make up for this.”

“We say no. I’m tired of being made fun of, but it’s not worth being at the station for hours.”

“For sure. So, what now?”

“I think we just have to wait.”

“I hope that kid is alright. How’d he mess up his leg, Tom?”

“He tried catching a knife. Idiot.”


“The worst part was when he tried cutting around it with another knife.”

“Like in Talladega Nights?


“Shit, Tom.”

“I’m just fucking with you, Eric.”

“Good one! Almost believable. We should watch that when we get out of here.”


“Is that someone coming now?”

“I sure hope so. Hey, Eric. Sorry again about throwing this party.”

“It was for a good cause. I can’t doubt that. I’ll see you when we get out of here, Tom.”

“Sure will! Oh, yeah, this is my guy. See ya, Eric.”

I’m working on a potential short film about two kids who try to fit in with their high school crowd by throwing a party. I can’t ruin it, but something happens. I decided to run a potential scene here using only dialogue. It’s a good exercise when you want to hear your characters speak and not worry about location or anything else.

Question: Does this seem realistic? Did you hear what these characters sound like? How would you describe them based on this scenario? Can you relate to them? What is the conflict to you?

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Videographer. Photographer. Writer.

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