I’ve been terrible at staying consistent. Since I’ve begun Bucci Productions, I have lost focus on blog writing. But, the good news is how busy I’ve stayed making video content. So far, I’ve done a couple of commercials, short films, and real estate…photography. I expect to have a couple of long term projects in the near future. It’s really exciting! I also have a Patreon, where I intend to post a miniseries at some point.

I’m still trying to find balance in my life between work and personal. Putting up the boundaries between the two takes a lot of effort. I want to see my business flourish, of course. I feel that answering messages without delay help people feel confident in working with me. But I need me-time, family-time, and friend-time. So I am working to limit when I check emails and know that replying within seconds isn’t necessary if it isn’t an emergency.

I also need to practice consistency in posting on social media. I made myself a 3x each week schedule. I’m sure that will help. Along with that, I will need to post on the blog more often than once in a cliché blue moon. But here’s another project I’ve just begun!

I’m excited to capture my daily life and post weekly. I think it’ll challenge me to film more, be comfortable in front of the camera. AND! When I get older, I’d like to look back and say “Oh, Nick. You silly boy.”

I was consistent working out for a month.

I am consistently reading every day. I’ve read about four or so books in the past three months.

I will be more consistent with writing…again.


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Videographer. Photographer. Writer.

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