Learning to accept free time

I grew up where it was important to work hard. I believe in hard work. A part of that though was time spent = hard work. I spent time in the field of education, where guilt joined me in illness when I couldn’t go in. In many aspects of my life, I felt that if I didn’t spend my time on work, I was either lazy or should feel ashamed.

Here I am now in a freelance position. The whole point (one of them anyways) of working for myself is so I can spend more time doing things besides work (which I love). Yet, I still feel guilty for taking a day to run errands. Why didn’t I edit a video? I could have planned another shoot, searched for jobs, or networked. Unfortunately, I believe we live in a time (still) where work takes priority over life. That’s not how it should be.

I am learning to accept that I don’t need to work all day every day. Life is not meant to be spent constantly working. I want to spend time with loved ones and doing things I want. So, Nick, don’t feel guilty for not working a day this week.

I’m taking some time off until the beginning of next year. I’ll still be making fun videos, but not posting or job searching until 2022. It’s time for a break.

Merry Christmas!

Published by Nick Bucci

Videographer. Photographer. Writer.

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