Warm Weather Ahead

As we head into some warmer weather (thank the Gods), I’m looking forward to a lot.

  1. Back to gardening- It’ll be time soon to plant some seeds. Basil, tomatos, lettuce, beans…I’d love to do some grapes. Anna and I are planning out our garden areas. We also have our garage which may become a greenhouse so that we can grow year round.
  2. Business picking up – In June, it’ll be one year since I left teaching. Some days, I really miss it, but overall, I’m very happy to be doing video. This was the first winter that I was a business owner. I’ve learned a lot. I am excited for some projects to pick up as we move into spring. Construction companies. Events. Definitely a beer commercial or two. Travel vlogs. A few short films.
  3. Weeding out – Spring cleaning. Not once in my life have I enjoyed the process of cleaning or getting rid of things. Now I rather like it. We’ve been putting off the basement for a few months. It’ll be great to make it a usable space instead of a cluttered storage unit. We’ll be able to do some sewing finally!
  4. Camping – We have park passes to National and State Parks. In between jobs, I expect we’ll be travelling (as long as we can afford gas prices).
  5. Time outside – I did enjoy a few winter wanderings. The peace and calm were great. But I prefer summer strolls. I definitely can go further and it feels nice to vary my pace.

What are your warm weather plans?

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Videographer. Photographer. Writer.

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