Update: 12/30/22

It appears I have yet, once again, not blogged consistently. How many times have I promised myself I’d be semi-consistent? Last post….in April. Well, it’s not like I haven’t been writing or working. In fact, I’ve shot two short films this year. Actually, between August and November. While my film business has slowed down for the winter, I’m writing several skits and short films. I have two that I feel pretty happy with. My goal is to have ten written and ready for filming.

As for reading this year, I’ve been pretty consistent. I have read around ten or eleven books. I was aiming for twelve, one per month. But ten or eleven is good! Overall, despite not making my income goal of $30,000, I am still proud of my accomplishments. If it were not for the numerous house projects, I would have probably been pretty even with income and expenditures. Film production paid the bills.

I had around twenty clients from government, construction, non-profits, and weddings. I felt a lot of ups and downs this year. And I’m still struggling with balancing business and personal projects. I feel I am lazy and not very good at a whole lot. At the same time, I am still in business. I’ve contemplated returning to teaching. I looked at various jobs, but I want to make my business thrive, so I’m sticking it out.

I expect 2023 to be a great year. I’ve reset my income goal to $45,000 or so. I have a lot of projects at home I want to complete. Among them are finishing the garage for studio work and preparing an area in the yard for chickens. I want to shoot more films and find multiple streams of income. I love making films and videos. I find myself down this winter worried about heating sources and money. But I’m still alive, I got a house, and I’ve done pretty well this past year.

Maybe next year I’ll blog more consistently? There’s more current stuff at bucciproductions.com.


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