Setting the scene

From a prompt: This wasn’t the country he was familiar with. The hills shot up like knives and the air was crisp… The cliffs fell two hundred feet where they met the sea. Jeremiah sat up close to the edge. He pushed himself back like the cliff wanted to eat him. There were few birdsContinue reading “Setting the scene”

Warm Weather Ahead

As we head into some warmer weather (thank the Gods), I’m looking forward to a lot. Back to gardening- It’ll be time soon to plant some seeds. Basil, tomatos, lettuce, beans…I’d love to do some grapes. Anna and I are planning out our garden areas. We also have our garage which may become a greenhouseContinue reading “Warm Weather Ahead”


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Hi, I’m Nick. I own Bucci Productions based in Maine. I take lots of pictures and write. I’m also a Civil War reenactor.

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