Dialogue Only

“Tom, did you seriously go behind my back and host another party?” “Listen, Eric, I did it for you.” “You did it for me? That’s funny. Ha!” “Why are you being such a dick about it, man?” “Because this time we got busted. We aren’t supposed to get busted, just fit in more.” “I’m sorry,Continue reading “Dialogue Only”

When September Ends

Holy smokes! Is September gone?! Somebody has to wake me up! Since the beginning of August, I have been acquiring gear and working on a portfolio to set up my new career as videographer. It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve enjoyed it greatly. Granted, there have been times of doubt and worry, butContinue reading “When September Ends”

The Last Party Pt. 2

From Chapter One… The six core members of Denver Association entered the underground complex and laid claim to the rooms designated to them. Leo called for a meeting at 2:30pm. They met in the complex’s kitchen. Leo, Barbara, Tim, and Wes stood around a marble island. Charles and Rachel sat on stools nearby. They sharedContinue reading “The Last Party Pt. 2”

Big News

I’ve decided to begin listening to my soul when it comes to doing what I want. Did I love teaching? Yes. But teaching in the classroom felt like a small percentage of what I did. There was also meetings, certifications, tons of emails, and behind the scenes stuff. So, over the summer, I’ve been aContinue reading “Big News”


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Hi, I’m Nick. I own Bucci Productions based in Maine. I take lots of pictures and write. I’m also a Civil War reenactor.

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