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A huge shoutout to my girlfriend, Anna, for gifting me five books on writing. Screenwriting in particular. I’m not the best at it, but screenwriting was my favorite class in college. Props to Teal for his honest critiques and casual vibes in the room.

Since beginning my business as a freelance videographer, I’ve gotten back into writing scripts. I mean, most good videos have scripts. Not all (my vlogs definitely don’t), but most do. In any case, I was finding myself wrestling with the same thing since college: conflict. It’s the subject Teal, my professor, always nagged me about. Good story, but there’s no conflict, Nick.

the little book of sitcom by John Vorhaus has reminded me of the essentials. Stories need conflict to be interesting. The mini “funnercises” in the book keep me focused and give me quick snapshot ideas. Last week, I was able to take advantage of these ideas with the time I gave myself off. A perk of self-employment. I completely re-wrote the pilot of my show based on the outlining and scene development exercises. It’s not the book that motivated me. My supportive girlfriend did. But the book did remind me of the fundamentals.

With that book and the four others, I intend to complete several episodes of my mini-series to be published on Patreon. I feel energized and passionate about writing again. Thank you, Teal, for initiating my love of the screenplay. And thank you, Anna, for re-engaging my passions.

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