Dodging Death Pt. 4

Tom and Larry pulled Frank to a seated position in front of the table Dave was on. Kevin handed Larry a bottle of water, which Frank drank from. The men were quiet. Frank rubbed his knee, which was the first point of impact on his fall.  “That’ll hurt tomorrow,” he whispered, “sorry to do that,Continue reading “Dodging Death Pt. 4”

Dodging Death Pt. 3

Frank exited the police department an hour later. Chief Dobbin offered some time off. Frank declined, requesting to continue his current caseload. He was especially concerned with a recent murder that happened in the water plant. Earl Kelley was the last operator at the plant two weeks ago. He was found decapitated the next dayContinue reading “Dodging Death Pt. 3”

Dodging Death Pt. 1

The autumn wind ripped down the Main Street of Fishbanks, Maine. Like most New England towns, it was composed of a centralized downtown street surrounded by residential areas. Its Common, known as “Fish Park” had gradually lost its beauty to the gangs of middle school punks. Founded in 1786, following the Revolutionary War, Fishbanks madeContinue reading “Dodging Death Pt. 1”

Update: 12/30/22

It appears I have yet, once again, not blogged consistently. How many times have I promised myself I’d be semi-consistent? Last post….in April. Well, it’s not like I haven’t been writing or working. In fact, I’ve shot two short films this year. Actually, between August and November. While my film business has slowed down forContinue reading “Update: 12/30/22”

A tid bit from a work in process

Prologue: I like drawing maps. In particular, military maps. I like studying how battles were fought. So, I began drawing several iterations of a fictional conflict between two neighboring states. As the drawings progressed, I decided to paint the region as well. This led to the development of the government, culture, and geographical features. EnterContinue reading “A tid bit from a work in process”

Relatable Scenes: Mechanic’s Shop

The clerk typed away at what looked like an old Dell keyboard. Her laptop sat perpendicular to the monitor she was watching. Periodically, she’d glance down at her calendar and yellow notepad. The notepad was nearing the end of its life expectancy with only two or three pages remaining until the cardboard on the bottom.Continue reading “Relatable Scenes: Mechanic’s Shop”